Our vision:  Climate-Security Leadership and Youth Engagement in 2027

After some months of hard work, round the tables and reflecting, we hereby launch The Youth Climate Security Research Team. A network of young people who have heart for developing a healthy planet and safe future, and who are brought together, will write papers regarding climate security and discuss different perspectives on specific topics.

As climate-security leadership and youth engagement will not develop spontaneously, we from YCST will take a first step by rallying youth from across the globe in a Youth Climate Security Research Team. In this research team, youth from different nations and with different backgrounds work together to investigate the climate security nexus based on their personal interests, knowledge and skills. They view relevant climate security topics from their unique national/cultural/expertise views, discuss amongst each other and eventually compile their insights in a short paper. The papers are distributed freely on our media channels and aim to help decision makers within the climate security nexus make more informed decisions. We aim to spark imagination of how we can together design a more secure world for all, posing challenges and solutions within the complex nexus of climate security.

We also like to invite you as a reader to give your perspective on our published papers from a specific point of view in the comments on Linked-In or our website, as sharing and understanding different perspectives can make a large difference.

Hereby we present our first published paper, regarding the underlying principles of the Youth Climate Security Research Team. Enjoy!


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