From Underrepresentation to Action: Rethinking Western Climate Security Strategies through Integration and Cooperation

Why are the long-term security consequences of Climate Change not talked about extensively in (geo)political & defensive strategies of NATO or the EU? And (how) should NATO or the EU member-states combat this threat effectively to guarantee a safer future?

The latest publication addresses these and other questions. In this article Jurre Kok argues that there is an underrepresentation of Climate Security in Western security strategies. He furthermore proposes the first steps in solving the problem, e.g. the EU discarding the unanimity clause regarding security and defense policy to better Europe’s geopolitical position!

Your perspectives matter, regardless of your occupation, age and background! The topic of Climate Security has to be elevated in public, security and political discourse and we are actively seeking thoughts from you to help bring Climate Security on the agenda! We invite you to read the paper and share your thoughts in the comments, on our site and with your colleagues.



One response to “From Underrepresentation to Action: Rethinking Western Climate Security Strategies through Integration and Cooperation”

  1. Tom Balk Avatar

    Tom Balk

    In the conclusion is noted “Lastly, the West should integrate supranationally, among others in the fields of security and energy, even if this means giving
    up national sovereignty.” Even though the West are military allies they (the USA and the EU) are economic competitors, see the subsidies and tax benefits for green investments. Since the USA has such a backwards democratic system in which there is little serious options in electing political parties besides the Democratic and Republican party, should we as the EU become more dependent on such a country? Personally I would prefer only the EU and European nations of the Navo to integrate security and energy wise and leave the USA etc. as a seperate piece in the Navo.

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