Organize your own YCST

For future peace and security it is of importance that youth organizations around the globe pay attention to, and spread awareness of, climate security. We believe that through hosting youth climate security talks we aid in attaining those goals. This is where you can join the effort!

The following steps can guide you on your way to organize your own youth climate security talk.

To commence planning, it important to answer questions such as; who will I be organizing this for and what are they interested in?, what do we want our message to be?, how do we want to deliver our message (e.g. a workshop or an excursion), are there interesting speakers we can contact?, and when will the event take place? At the bottom of this page, we have posted some examples of cases which we have used for our events.

If you’re planning on organizing your own YCST, we’ll be delighted to hear about it and provide feedback on your idea! You can reach us through the contact box below the fifth step on this page.

Now that you’ve written out a plan, it’s time to commence organizing and make it into reality.

After having held the event, we are very curious about your experience throughout the process. What do you think could be improved on from both your and our side? Additionally, we would love to receive pictures from your event!

Thank you!

We appreciate your interest and will get in back to you as soon as possible.